Growing your subscriber lists

Explore the best methods for you to gather permission to email people, and to grow the number of subscribers you can reach.

Add via API Adding subscribers via the Promothon API

Promothon has a powerful programming interface that lets you add and remove subscribers from your lists directly from your own code. We’ve got plenty of documentation to get you started.

Subscription confirmation How to create a subscription confirmation email

If you have an older list, and you’d like to have people opt-in again, you can create a confirmation email using Promothon’s personalization tools.

Form capture Capturing subscribers from an existing form

Find out how to modify your existing form so that the people who fill it in can add themselves to your Promothon list at the same time.

CAN-SPAM Complying with CAN-SPAM laws

CAN-SPAM is an important legal issue for all US based commercial email. Here’s what you need to do for the campaigns you send to make sure you are in compliance.

Getting opt-in Getting opt-in permission offline

Getting opt-in through a web form is pretty straightforward, but how do you handle people you meet out in the real world? Here’s a quick tip for a safe offline method.

Permission What you need to know about permission

What does it mean to ‘have permission to email’ someone? How can you ensure you meet our permission guidelines?

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